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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Drake - Ransom ft. Lil Wayne


Kizzy said...

Wayne is a trip I tell you. I don't know where he pulls out half the shyt he says but its always on point. And you...you already know. Keep bangin' em out Drizzy. oNe.

Anonymous said...

I say this with love, but I miss 'vintage' Drake. 'Drizzy' sounds like he's trying too hard to be Weezy, Jr. I mean Weezy's nice, but I was feeling you because you WEREN'T the norm in hip hop. Back then, (all 4 years ago) you were cutting against the grain because you WEREN'T talking about money, cars, bitches and getting high. You had a brain you weren't afraid to flex...not just a dick for people to ride. Now...skilled as you are on the mic, I'm not always checking for your new shit because you're not saying anything different that the bullshit I hear on the radio. Back then, you were bearing your soul a little in tracks like 'Video Girl'and 'Thrill is Gone'. Now...we just get the facade of hip hop swagger with very little 'real'. Sad.

Oh well...I'll just keep supporting a brother until you find yourself again. Peace.

JAS0N said...

This shit go hard but drake what u doing man?? Where's the room for improvement drake at? I mean your new shit is poppin dont get me wrong I bang that shit all day but U need to..nah not need too b|c ur in charge of ya own career but i would suggest you change ya flow baQ to how it was b4 man. In my opinion it's better then your newer stuff now..Ez!

kevin said...

Love (maybe "really like" is the more appropriate word choice) your new stuff but I agree with the last two comments.

Get your work on with Wayne all day but at the end of that day make sure you sound like DRAKE.

I hope your album is heavy on the subject matter because this sounds... albeit good, dare I say: unfocused.

Twan Gabbs said...

These muthafuckas are ill. What they don't seem to understand is...when you got a track like that you gotta go with the flow of the instrumental. Also when you're doin a track with someone else (especially Wayne) you gotta build on eachothers verses. Wayne can't be talkin about drink syrup and fuckin bitches, and then you come on and talk about voting, and the War in Iraq...it ain't gonna work. That's why people put out albums. And I'm sure that when yours arrives it's gonna have a lil somethin for everybody. Something for the G's and something for the consious heads...(All the dope boys love me cuase I often speak their language...So well spoken man, I shoulda went to cambridge...) All I wanna know is...When's the album droppin??? And also, are you signin to Young Money or not? I gotta get an autographed copy of this one too...

Spider said...

i agree with the posters stating that you've lost the "old" drake. i still think you're incredibly talented...a lot more talented than most of the rappers out there....but you're starting to blend in with them when you talk about the same things over and over in your lastest tracks. they're still hot because you got skills but you're not sayin much. its like the more fame and success you obtain, the more you conform to what the other rappers are doing.. which i hate to see because its evident on your previous work that you're so much more than that. i know its hard to be sell with the cosious rapper persona but its about staying true to youself. too much cursing, bitches, fucking, and hoes talk.

bryan said...

This track was a FREEBIE tune. I say wait'll you get what you've paid for to judge whether the bang is worth the buck.

no homo.

dj_lissamonét said...

i just fucking stan.
we should all just fucking stan.
toronto aint on the map yet for all this constructive criticism.
just support and spread the GOOD shit.

Syl DuBenion said...

Sorry, I'm going to have to agree with a lot of the previous comments. This is in no way a shot to your talent, or Boi-1da's production or anything, but the feeling has changed.

Like... Dude, no lie. I listened to your stuff on Myspace the summer of 2007, and at that point in my life I hated hip hop, but I loved your work on Degrassi so I said you could be good. Dude, I think I said this in my email to you, but you're the reason I even listen to hip hop now: because I found there was more to it than all the BS we usually hear. Room For Improvement was amazing. So was Comeback Season, but it felt just a bit off beat compared to what I expected. Though it hold my favorite song of yours, Going in For Life.

And for the stuff you've been releasing recently. I'm not gonna front, that Still Fly freestyle is banging, I keep saying the lyrics to Money to Blow to myself ALL DAY, and you straight killed it with your verse on Overdose on Life. But still, it feels like you've stepped away from what I liked about you. Your verse on I Want This Forever was... I couldn't believe it was coming from you, dude. What happened?

Also, oh snap at the "Banks like Ashley". That made me laugh a bit.

Ray G said...

well.....all i gotta say is that me and twan gabbs, we are apart of the same label and to be honest....these people ARE crazy. you always keep me entertained when you on the track. like on overdose on life (Takin over the world, no pinky...just alotta braaaaaaiiiinn). Who the fuck thinks of some shit like that to say?!?!?!? My brother is the best rapper i kno personally and if there is one thing i learned from him, its that you don't dumb down your lyrics for anybody. Imma just put it like this. I've heard Room For Improvement several times (Front to Back), Comeback Season several times (Front to Back), and every single that has followed. you be jammin fam. fuck what these people talk about. obviously (like Twan Gabbs Said) they dont write, nor do music. we enjoy the music. continue to empress us. juke squad south in behind you fam.


Syl DuBenion said...

Just because we may not write rhymes (I'm a saxophonist, sir, what am I gonna do with some rhymes) doesn't mean we've lost our right to a valid opinion. Now I'm saying Drake is fresh to death, but he's not doing what he started with, which for many people was his biggest pull. It was for me, anyway.

I remember Drake saying "My apologies to my fans that be super-conscious, just wait 'til I get my money right and I am going to ball". I read you're working on an actual album, so I wonder if the vibe from your earlier stuff will be coming back...

Drizzy said...

"With so many different flows
This ones for this song
The next one I'll switch up
This one will get bit up"

- Jay-Z

I want to thank you all for the feedback.

I feel like I need to address this topic of me finding or losing myself as an artist. What people may not understand is that in this industry of hip hop you are either a musician or a product. A product is someone that is boxed in due to the fact that they were created to generate money using a formula that they cannot stray from. A musician is someone who is unafraid to explore and challenge themselves knowing that it has the possibility of being heard by the entire world in a matter of hours. I consider myself a musician and my thoughts and words are my only instruments. The leaks that took place a couple weeks ago were genuine LEAKS of unfinished material that I had plans to finish and mix and master. I pride myself on quality so losing a song like Forever dented my armor because I love that record and had plans to put it on my album with completely different verses. When it comes to a record like Ransom I just urge you to understand that I am having fun. I know what my album sounds like so I am leaking these records on the internet for people that just want to hear two great rappers rapping. I was having fun when I did Brand New too and I never had any plans or thoughts of releasing it and now singing is almost an essential part of my career. I am a musician and I am unafraid to create and step out of my element due to the quality of material I have in the wings.

I am a man with two brains...so if ever one is lost the other will be out looking for it. I appreciate you all...Thank Me Later 2009.

(And I am not signed to Young Money for the record but thank you for the mazel tov's)

Syl DuBenion said...

Damn. You'd think it would be a bit more obvious, but now I just feel dumb. You're completely right, Drake. Everyone has to come out of their comfort zone at some time, otherwise they won't grow. I'm doing the same (albeit VERY VERY slower than your progress), and I understand your work a lot better, now.

I personally am really glad you understood our viewpoint, though, man. Nothing but love for you. We're behind you on your way to the top.

Tim said...

DRAKE man i love all ya records man all the way back up to Closer ft adrena mills ,
you are one of my favorite artists actually right now im banging to both ya mixtapes and the new stuff i cant wait for more, big ups to you for holdin it down , i know u wont change like you said ( hold it mama, im tryin to get my runon so hold the comma)

much love & repsect

Lana said...

i like this track, drake you came hard my dude, lil wayne didnt really do anything for me with his babbling but hot track for sure. keep repping for t-dot i love your music this from your detroit neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Can't argue with pushing yourself towards growth...carry on, young man. Being a stan ain't my steez, but if I didn't see the potential for greatness I wouldn't give a shit. I still messes with Drake.

Akiah said...

I liked this track, but to be honest I miss the ol' Drake..your first two mixtapes were fly.

you music is starting to change and just like neena said you werent the one who talked about cars, money, etc..

i mean u would but it would be in a different way...

your rhymes are tight and your sound is starting to be like weezy, especially on this track. i love lil wayne and you but its better that u sound like ur ol' self.

i understand u are getting older and everything and you may want to do something different..

but i would love to buy your next mixtape without having to know his rap sounding just like any other rapper.

i still love ya and ill still purchase your mixtape so dont get me wrong!

Chrissy said...

Man, i was going crazy when i first heard this! it may have a different sound then your previous music but at the end of the day good music is good music. Drake you never fail to deliver! keep doin what you do & keep evolving. one thing i love about your music is that its never predictable & thats what you need for longevity.
i support the movement. =]

Gift said...

"wayne's here 'suwoop'"

wooooww im on it!!

so there was a party today and they played 'Closer,' and i started rapping your lyrics.. my friends looked at me cockeyed lol. oh how i wished it was ur version.

Drake Drizzy Aubrey lol w.e. you are very talented my man as well as versatile and it shows on your tracks. You show that you can not only talk and sound like one thing, but be able to think outside the box and do another. That's why i stan HARD for you. i'm looking forward to when your new work comes out.

p.s when will you be in L.A?
p.s.s you should put me on your promotion team.

Anonymous said...

Drake my dude. Look you really sounding too much like wayne. The recent shit i been hearing from you sounds like your trying to be wayne. I think your a very talented dude and shit but ever since you been with wayne you been starting to sound like him. Don't think because its wayne that its amazing. It's not. Wayne's verse was very average if not annoying. The ABC shit ruined it. For real dude i understand what your talking about but you really need to go back to the old Drake. Stick to your grounds dude. Be you. Don't think your need to do whats hot or do it because of wayne. Your not Wayne. I think your better but for real dude stop. Like the old the Drake was better. The Comeback Season Drake, the Room For Improvement Drake. Stop all this bullshit dude. Be you like for real be you. Stop this bullshit. I'm not hatin. I enjoy your music a tremendous amount but ever since you been messing with Wayne you've changed. I'm not liking it at all.

Stop it dude. People liked your music because you were you. Not Wayne. Not somebody your not. Just stop.


Much Love man. Keep working but stop all this bullshit

Kizzy said...

Honestly, some of these people are buggin. Yall don't even know what the man's album sounds like and yall are trippin off one or two songs that probably wont even be on the album. I don't get it, especially when he clearly stated that he has an arsenal tucked away. On some G shit, jaws are gonna drop when his album does lol. I'ma be checkin for yall "critics" to pick em up. Drake do your thing baby boy and fuck nikkas with ear infections cause they're not listening......yeah man! lol love.

ps. i'm expecting you predictable ones to say some slick shit.

Anonymous said...

kizzy how you know i havent heard his album?

Twan Gabbs said...

Yo Drizzy! I know you're seeing this...check this out, I think you might like it...lol.

Drake - Money To Blow (Ray G Of Juke Squad South Rmx)

nation said...

excellent song. i overlooked it at first but i can't stop playing it, stellar performance

Kiya said...

i dont care what anyone says this shit goes so hard its fuckin ridiculous.

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This is a new album for me, never heard it before, cant wait to get home and download it.

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