LaCie Little Big Disk Quadra

What a beautiful thing. Bus powered, quiet, small, 1TB!!!, FW800, eSATA, of course USB2 and FW400. It makes my life so easy. Partition it with a lil fat 32 side for windows, just some straight gangster shit really. This one disk holds Drizzy's career in its entirety. in fact i could prolly hold 6 to 8 thousand Protools sessions on here if i compacted and removed the unused regions. The advantage of being able to go to any studio with some lil drive in my pocket and have access to EVERYTHING I need is unreal. That along with bigger more stable drives at home for backup and im good. I still remember my first 256 meg hard drive. Now its One Million meg hard drives (1 TB). Crazy.

I hate stupid engineers that dont know how to blast the unused regions from a session.
Heres for you slackers.

(APPLE+SHIFT+U) - selects unused regions in a session
(APPLE+SHIFT+B) - removes or deletes unused regions from a session

If you wanna get greezy you can "compact" the session (see audio regions menu)
Just be warned, that shit is destructive editing, and permanent.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Future In My Hands


The L.A. said...

Do you also use Reason?

Michelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle said...

And i thought I was good when i just purchased a 300GB hard drive lol. I'd love to have a TB but them boys is expensive. Other than pro tools what else do you guys use? Me and my people use Reason, Cool Edit and Pro Tools on certain occasions.

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