I was urged by Olivier to give an update on this...they should compete in Beijing

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Twerk Team Once Again


Mandi said...

LMAO @ the props.
now THATS what i call true talent haha

3xAcharm said...

now i see why they aint makin it rain in the club.you can watch online fa free.where i'm from you get paid for that.

Heinz said...

if i could make this my screensaver i would....and i would never use the computer again lol

D, dope Still Fly verse! deeestroyed it. get at me fool!

☆Amor Krys said...

is all i can say..
seriously if they arent gettin paid
they should STOP!

Tony H said...

we are gonna see all of those girls in music videos eventually

just give YouTube a few months cuz they are prolly already viral

The Quarter Hug

they really be twerkin tho

DJ said...

good ole twerk team

adrienne said...

typical new orleans girls...sit at home all day & shake...

Anonymous said...

lmboooo omg i CANNOT stop laughinnnn lolloool i dont even know wat to think lololol its so ignorant but bein that i do go to school in atl now (spelman, holla) i've def seen ALOT worse lolol

taylor made said...

man..i know all these girls..i stay in atlanta and thats where they at...i acualy got 1 of they numbers..lol

Viagra Online said...

They move so freaking sexy, wow excellent video, they are indeed very talented.

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