Established in 1977. Canadian Sweater Co. is based on Native Indian knitted woolen sweaters from the late 1800's.
These sweaters have timeless appeal and are mad warm for our Canadian winters. Last winter I was layering mine with my Moncler vest over it.

Canadian Sweater Company

Friday, August 15, 2008

Canadian Sweater Company LTD.


Syl said...

I love sweaters. I just started buying some here and there. Even if it is summer, it's never too bad to be prepared.

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Those are some cool sweaters, I would love a sweater with the colors and the Saints logo, it is my team.

viagra said...

I love the sweaters, I think that they are so cool because in the winter the people run like crazy to get one, I have a lot of sweaters in my house!!

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