Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Drizzy TV: Drake Live From...


J.Reezy said...

Ay man, you went completely silent at 3:03

ATF #1 said...

ATF know whats good look at the display name...I support yal 100


cassbird said...

wow ummm...i like him checking in to let us know what he's up to but half the video had no sound :(

Jazzika. [Jazz-ick-uhh] said...
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Jazzika. [Jazz-ick-uhh] said...

im not even trippin off sound. it was dope that you reach out to ur fans like that.

cuz when celebrities go on vacation, they vacate for real. you might see a pic of them in a magazine but you wont hear from them until they get back.

good to know you thinkin about us little people.

well those little people. im about to be big.

Smilesthepoet said...

Hope everyone enjoyed the vid. Cause now that he's big...he won't be doing things like this anymore. :(

longge said...

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Peedie said...

Omg I hear the water!!The beach is near you!!!I wonder how it look? The scenery, why you didn't trun the laptop towards the beach so your fans could see!!!!I don't hear nothing but the water..You should have song acupella to the water...For that little segment...

Peedie said...

O.k disregard the last post I didn't look at the whole thing..The water is beautiful.....OmG...I wish I was there, instead of under 2-ft of snow..Sorry bout the typo's that's what the beach does to me. Messes with my spirit a little.That cause automatic relaxation...(laziness)!!! LOL.

Viagra Online said...

Wow excellent view I love it, people, sun and the sea, was the best the interview video was boring, sorry :P

western boots said...

I think dress shirt is perfect for his look.

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Aja Canyon said...
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Anonymous said...