Here is the video for Omen's first single off his album Be The Judge - Overdose On Life feat. Drake, Travis & Mickey Factz.
Video by Estaban "The Future" Serano

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Making of Overdose on Life PT.1 - Drake


Krystal said...

hahaha this is hilarious
but the idea for overdose on life is so sick...
everyone has their addicition.
so sickkkkk :)
mine has been this blog for a year.

Anonymous said...

i wonder why people get hung up on celebritys. i don't understand what the origin of the infatuation is. maybe it's from the same place that makes you want your boss or your teacher, only the state of celebrity is way above that...
so i guess it's understandable.
i like drake, (though i can't say much for aubrey graham, it's not really the same) he's well versed, clean cut, proper swag, tight flow, nice voice. not the typical styrofoam cup, rough voice, baggy jean rapper. i think more "young [men] of substance" need to be in the spotlight. i guess that's where my admiration comes from, i can hit the snooze button when other artists make a buzz, but drake's image &everyone behind it pulled the covers off. thank you for waking me up.

@aMuseiam said...

like aubrey too adorable like on this like video like lols