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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Please Welcome October's Very Own... Oliver El-Khatib


Jaheed said...

Back at your first post...NO COMMENT! ! i guess things changed now keep doing your creative things drake much respect from paris!

lowskijones said...

Waddup from Cali...It's your boy LOWSKi JoNES...stoppin' by to say "two fingers" to the generation leaders...(put 'em down if you rep the "A" town)(trey)... Oliver nice put me up on some shit. Arab Parrot's blog is crazy. Drizzy keep you head level..don't let the devil rule your bezel(time). Hit me up if you ever in Hollywood. PAYCE!! (yourself)


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I did enjoy this blog entry in particular and I think we have very similar tastes in music and some other things, I even share some of your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

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Christian said...

You're a true inspiration and thank you so much for what you do.

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Michael said...

First post ever on OVO. Now look at you guys. From trying to make a name for yourselves to taking over the city. Insane.

Jordon Rodgers AKA Game Face said...


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Musa Kocaman said...

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Piers said...

Mr. El-Khatib,

I wouldn't waste my time posting this and yours if you happen to read it; if I didn't believe it was of relevance to you.

You personally know London, Ovo Sound is expanding and I believe this collective (already recognised by majors and co-signed by Virgil from one EP and a couple bonus tracks) could be your next extension from the brand.

If you get the time, please listen to the soundcloud page posted below. I know you won't regret it.

Sincerely a day one fan of the movement.

Dexter Evans said...

I rep ovo south. I been reps up since the beginning. fuck wit ya boy. ovo

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Anonymous said...

Kat said...

I'm from the west end of T.O. and I'm back at this first post because I wanna see how you guys started. I love Drake and his team is cool so I wanna see where you began and that's why I'm here... much love, guys.

- The Westside Kitten